About Us

Manna is a multi-faceted ministry that reaches out to our communities with the love of God both spiritually and physically. Today we reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ through our 1450 congregations and various training and media programs.

We bring God’s compassionate love to people in dire need through catastrophic relief in times of flood, tsunami, fire and earthquake; medical healing through our hospital, clinics, leprosy patient center and care; clean water and sanitation through our village development programs.

Over the years, we have brought hope and oppurtunity to tens of thousands of poor and at risk children through our 40 orphanages, child care programs, 2 colleges, 2 trade schools, 10 schools.Today we care for 4,000 children every day.

In short, we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, educate the young, provide tools for a vocation and bring an eternal hope.